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We are always happy to add new properties to our library, which is constantly being referenced by Location Managers, Directors, Producers and Photographers. We are asked about a vast variety of projects so we can never predict what people are looking for and therefore do not have particular requirements for locations in our library.

While productions typically pay fees to locations in a range of $500 to $5,000 or more per day, filming can be a demanding houseguest. A full feature film crew can be around 100 people or more, and there is a large amount of equipment they need to bring in for filming to take place. Television projects range in size to crews of 15 to 80, while photographic projects are generally on a much smaller scale. To facilitate filming or photography, there needs to be enough room to accommodate the crew and equipment, and then space for the action, so rooms should be a reasonable size. Some homes may also opt to only host smaller productions and/or photography shoots.

It is free to register and to have your property listed with us. We receive our fees directly from production companies when they book a location from our Library.

To register, all we ask is that you take some photographs of your property, preferably interior and exterior, and send them to us with a completed registration form. The photographs do not have to be professional, as long as they give us a good overview of the rooms and your landscaping, and the more photographs you can take the better. We can not guarantee that all submitted or scouted locations will be included on our on-line Library, but we do maintain an internal reference library which your submitted location shall be included in.

You can opt to pay a fee to be photographed by an experienced Location Scout. This fee does not guarantee inclusion in the on-line library, but it helps. We will create a photo file of the property suitable for reference by photographers and directors within the production industry; showcasing the full potential of your property.

Please Note: there will usually be a number of visits by the Production Company or Photographer before the shoot in order to personally view and ensure that it will work visually and technically.

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