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Why We Are Different

Location Resources is a full service location company which stands out from the rest by offering an unsurpassed website with thousands of searchable locations combined with a staff of seasoned professionals who go above and beyond to make your hunt for that perfect location easy and hassle free. We have been in the business for over 20 years and have worked with many of the movers and shakers in the industry. Try us once and you will see how valuable of a resource we are...and we look forward to your return!

About Us

The company principal, Christina LaBuzetta brings more than 25 years working experience to Location Resources. Her professional background ranges from commercial photography and motion picture camera work to location scouting and location management in all aspects of the photo and film industries. Christina have spent countless hours working on the wide range of projects: fashion photo productions, TV commercials, music videos, print ads, TV shows, and feature films. Christina is known for having “a great eye”. She listen to their clients and are able to bring creative solutions to the location needs of any prospective production. Her experience has also brought her a keen understanding of logistics and budgets. Christina doesn’t just provide pretty pictures of locations that are not practical or affordable to shoot at.

If you use either of her services or access Location Resources large all encompassing location library, you will be able to benefit from her experience.

A bit about Christina's other interests and backgrounds:

Christina LaBuzetta is co-founder and President of Miami Beach's Ocean Drive Preservation Assoc. and a recent board member addition to the Miami Design Preservation League (the organization credited with saving Art Deco in Miami Beach). Christina has studied commercial and fine art Photography at State University of New York, and Cinema and Television at University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

Click here to read her full C.V.

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