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Although great efforts are made to keep our files up to date, all locations are subject to changes and availability.

Due to changes at any location, it is recommended you or a representative conduct a current scout of any location before taking your decision makers to the location or committing to its use.


Once a location is chosen from those presented by Location Resources that location must be booked through Location Resources for our current project and all future projects.

Because South Florida is a popular destination, occasionally our clients recognize residential and public sites from our website. Due to the considerable efforts and costs of maintaining our on-line library; should a location selected or viewed through Location Resources be booked by a production without going through us - Location Resources shall be due double the location fee.

Location Resources, Inc. photos are subject to copyright law and may be used only for presenting locations that will be booked through Location Resources.

All communications between Productions and Locations/Properties shall be conducted solely through Location Resources. Production shall not ask for any contact information (telephone numbers, business cards, etc.) directly from the Location/Property. Nor shall Production discuss any fees or costs directly with the Location/Property.


Many locations require a Location Manager or Site Manager. This person is required to have a working relationship with Location Resources.


Certificate(s) of Insurance for General Liability & Third Party Property Damage must be supplied naming Property Owner and Location Resources Inc. as "additionally insured/loss payee".


It is agreed between the parties hereto that Location Resources, Inc is not liable to property owner or production for any claims associated with use of the premises.


Payment for locations is due at least 48 hours before using the location.


The following points are areas we have identified as “good production” practices. We request all productions to review and adhere to these practices to assure smooth shoots and protect locations.

  • Happy neighborhoods and business districts prevent burdensome regulations and “burned” locations.


Permits must be obtained if required by the municipality

  • Location Resources can advise you on permitting needs but it is your responsibility to contact local film offices for all requirements.
  • Alternatively Location Resources can be hired to obtain permits and/or handle notifications/sign offs
  • Permitting may require surrounding area notifications and/or sign offs.


Be considerate to neighbors with working hours, noise, vehicles and equipment. (especially during early AM or late PM hours - even voices can be disturbing at these hours)

  • Distribute a flyer indicating where your production parking will occur.
  • Do not park in front of neighbors’ homes or businesses without asking or notifying them.
  • Do not impede foot or vehicular access to properties without prior arrangement.
  • Minimize traffic delays when parking vehicles during rush hours. Preventing long traffic delays will avoid upsetting residents and businesses.

Film/Video Productions:

  • Park crew/talent cars on previously contracted private property or outside any residential neighborhoods
  • Make prior arrangements if the municipality does not allow street parking for photo/film shoots


Even when notification is not legally required; we find notifying area residents/businesses is a basic consideration. Neighbors appreciate advance notice as it allows planning for extra travel time. Notices prevent problems on the shoot day and complaints to the city. The notification flyer needs to explain the project’s impact to area, hours of production, parking plans and mobile phone numbers. (This clause mainly effects film/video productions)

  • Location Resources must be notified prior to the shoot day if the size, scope or impact of your shoot changes.
  • Notify Location Resources as soon as possible when shooting if additional areas of the location are unexpectedly needed.
  • This is to avoid problems and additional fees imposed by property owner.


Please leave the location in same or better condition as found. Take care to avoid damages.

  • Avoid responsibility for previous damage on a property.
  • The Site/Location manager is responsible to take photos and show existing damage to property owner or representative prior to shooting.
  • Production shall assume this responsibility if there is no Site/Location manager.
  • Call Location Resources immediately if any damages occur
  • Property owners may not notice previous damage on their property until they inspect their property after wrap.


On shoot day, please ask before “shopping” for items that were not originally agreed upon. Do not expect to be able to use additional items without prior agreement.


  • Refrain from lounging or sitting on furniture not being used for actual shooting.
  • Many homeowners become disturbed when they feel crew is lounging or potentially damaging their furnishings. Beware of the pen in your back pocket!
  • Please bring additional seating for your crew/talent.
  • Return all items moved exactly where they were found.
  • Please take plenty of photos of item placement before moving anything.
  • Please do not leave work for the property owner to finish.


  • Cardboarding of floors and high trafficked walls is needed in most interior locations used for film productions.
  • Furniture blankets or cardboard sheets may be required for still equipment on fragile surfaces.
  • Remove obviously fragile/valuable items and other items identified by the location owner prior to shoot.


If you have a large production, make plans for the owner’s or an outside cleaning service to do a through cleaning the next day. We find it helpful to offer to pay a bonus for extra work to owner’s cleaning service.

  • Make plans for garbage removal/disposal
  • Please clean thoroughly
  • Production is responsible for general cleanliness and garbage removal-not the Site Manager of Location Manager


  • Know your electricity requirements.
  • Any electric usage must be cleared prior to shoot day.
  • Residential electrical tie in (film shoots) is rarely allowed


  • No person under the age of 16 allowed on locations without prior permission.
  • Any approved child talent/model to be accompanied by only one guardian/parent (no other family or friends).
  • Absolutely no animals –paid on camera animal talent allowed with prior permission.
  • Not pets allowed on location (no matter how small or cute)
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